Wednesday, August 3, 2011

See what it tastes like

So I just uploaded two tracks to my Soundcloud. I had originally made these tracks with a CD in mind but I realized I may have been thinking a little too far ahead and that the music that I am going to be making is a bit different from these. So I give you the first two Cloudman jams. I am still thinking about a CD, as I have the artwork and general packaging ideas done, so look for updates on that in the future. Here is a link to my Soundcloud:

As far as my other projects, they are moving along slowly but surely. The music is number one, but the horror short is on my mind daily. I am trying to get someone to play the lead, and only, character. If interested, hit me up. Just to forewarn, your acting needs to be spot on as you are the only character and everything revolves around the quality of the performance. You need to go from respectful to demented without the camera ever leaving your face.

I will be updating more often with daily thoughts and such. I am also going to be making separate pages for music, movie updates, and other tangible art that I have done including circuit bending projects. I may be setting up a kickstarter campaign to see if anyone would care to donate to my artistic causes. Thanks for reading and don't forget about me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Savior of a New World

Change is coming. A much needed change. A change you can be a part of. It begins within you and spreads beyond. It is the start of a new world. Every new world needs a savior, and that savior is you. Every new world needs new music, and that music is this...

I am Cloudman. I am an electronic artist who creates music in his basement. While this may be nothing new, the ideas behind the music are. My goal is not to create beautiful melodies, and my goal isn't to create complicated beats. My goal is to make music that you can listen to with more than your ears. Music that will challenge who you are. Music that is constructive by being destructive.

What am I talking about? Maybe a bunch of nonsense, but that is for you to decide. Here is a list of music projects that I have in the works:

***Disclaimer*** - None of this is dubstep.

-Cloudman Album: My main focus is putting together a full length album. It will be a mix of styles and sounds, many of which are produced on instruments that I have customized myself. Put on your headphones (not your fucking earbuds), close your eyes, and escape. I will be posting a song soon.

-Cloudman Live: Putting together a live set is much different than putting together an album, especially since I want my live material to sound vastly different from what will be on a CD. This will be an audio assault, the equivalent of being physically abused by sound whilst still dancing your feet raw. I will be posting a song soon.

-Project HiveMind: Your hip hop is garbage. This hip hop isn't. This is a collaboration with Touch Armor Class (!/touchaxe). Combining rap and gospel/hymns, we are making musical history while you make your top ramen.

-Unnamed Project: I was once in a band. That band went sour, so me and two of the members carried on. This will be a mix of ambiance and dance. What else do you want?

Limiting yourself to one medium is nonsense. I will soon be posting pictures of my past art and will be updating this page with writing and rants about how much I hate everything. Also, here are two film projects that I have in the works:

-Unnamed Horror Short: This is a short horror film that I recently wrote and have begun some minor shooting for. I am in the process of acquiring all the necessary resources to make this a reality. The main character is a professor who simply wants to inform you about the complexities of the human brain...OR IS HE!?!?

-Unnamed Feature Film: While this project may be on a back burner while I focus on music, it certainly isn't lost in my head. With much inspiration from M Dot Strange (, I decided to write a feature film. It is all pretty much in my head right now but will one day be somewhere where more than just myself can see it. It centers around a young "child" who is involved in a terrifying circus that he must escape. There are many life issues dealt with in the story, as well as many of my personal beliefs.

This is all for now. I will be hard at work getting my art together for your viewing and listening pleasure. Check back here for music updates, film updates, and general thoughts and opinions about the world. You can find my Cloudman facebook page here:!/pages/Cloudman/136096823133424